Take the Heal Cycle Challenge or sponsor someone who has

Take the Heal Cycle Challenge or sponsor someone who has

The Challenge:

Have you ever wanted to do one of those epic cycle journeys, but time, cost or difficulty arranging the visas have stopped you?

Now is your chance to experience some of the excitement by taking our HEAL CYCLE INDIA CHALLENGE.

Set yourself a sponsorship target and raise money for HEAL Charity. You will be giving hope to those less fortunate than yourself.

Choice of journeys

We have four epic routes for you to choose from:

Route 1 - From Heal UK Office to 🇬🇧 to Heal Paradise Village in India 🇮🇳 (5,880 miles or 9,463 kms)

Travel through 11 different countries. Sightsee the historical cities of Eastern Europe, learn the cultures of exotic countries, like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan until you reach India.

Route 2 - From New York to Los Angeles in the USA 🇺🇸 (2,976 miles or 4,790 kms)

Cycle from the east to the west coast of the USA, starting at New York and through to Los Angeles, going most of the way on Route 66, emulating the early settlers.

Route 3 - From Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺 and back (7,940 miles or 12,778 kms)

Circumnavigate Australia, starting at the sweeping white-sand crescent of Bondi Beach. Head west, always keeping the sea to your left, until you are back at Bondi Beach again.

Route 4 - From Kanyakumari in India 🇮🇳 and back (5,202 miles or 8,372 kms)

Leave from the southernmost point of Indian Mainland, Kanyakumari. There is an ancient temple there and it is a much-frequented Hindu pilgrimage site.

What to do next:

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